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Manhunt Addon - Track Speedrunner Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

Manhunt Addon - Track Speedrunner Add-on

Surely you've often watched YouTubers playing a popular game where some players become speedrunners and others become hunters. Accordingly, the hunters begin to search for the speedrunners, and the team that accomplishes its goals wins. Now, this can all be implemented on your Minecraft servers with the Manhunt Addon - Track Speedrunner mod.

How to Play?
-After joining, you need to give only one player the Speedrunner item and interact.
-The rest become hunters, for which you need the Hunter item.
-Then the game itself begins, where the hunters will be catching the speedrunner.

Manhunt Addon - Track Speedrunner Add-on 1.20+/1.19+

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