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Waifus 2 Add-on 1.20/1.19/1.18/

Waifus 2 Add-on

Anime characters interest anyone and everyone. And if they are also female characters, the attention increases several times. That' s why the authors of add-ons often use this trick and create builds with female anime-characters. One of these was the mod Waifus 2, which introduces 12 anime girls in Minecraft.

A rose is used to tame any mob.

Siesta, Rikka, Tamako

Artoria, Nijika, Elfa

Musume, Ikuyo, Rachel

Marisa, Chisato, Reze

Mitaka, Ryo, Inoue

Birdy, Eris, Yoko

Komi, Shikimori, Kitagawa
Waifus 2 Add-on 1.20/1.19/1.18/

Miku, Nagatoro, Zero Too

Yumeko, Yoro, Himiko

Emilia, Shinon, Fubuki

Ram, Yor, Hinata

Yuno, Rem, Asuna

Lucy, Makima, Tohru:

Android 18, Asuka, Shea:

Rei, Power, Robin:

Daki, Shinobu, Elizabeth:

Mitsuri, Rumia, Lucoa:

Rin, Sistine, Shinoa:

Elizabeth, Cosette, Tsuyu:

Hatsune, Nezuko, Mukago:

Sugar, Megumin, Suma:

Kanoe, Albedo, Ikumi:

Monet, Kanao, Kanna:

Perona, Gawr, Konan:

Work for your girlfriend


Changes in the new version
Fixed bugs
Compatibility with 1.20.70
Added characters

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