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Turbo Commands Add-on 1.19

Turbo Commands Add-on

Tired of manually typing commands in chat? Even on the keyboard is not so convenient, not to mention smartphones. That's why you need to use the Turbo Commands mod for Minecraft PE, which simplifies the input of commands with a user-friendly interface. You just need to use the item and select the desired command in the menu.

Adding repeated commands that are executed automatically at certain intervals
You can change commands and change the menu at will
Works in multiplayer
Compatible with other add-ons

How does it work?
Immediately after entering the game you must type /function sirob_turbocommands
This gives you access to the Turbo Commands menu
Turbo Commands Add-on 1.19

Commands can be deleted, added or changed at will

Adding Commands
Click Add command
Enter a command
Choose where the command appears:
top - at the top of the command list
middle - in the middle of the command list
end - bottom of the command list

Repeated commands
Click Repeated command execution
Enter command
Set the number of repetitions
Set the repetition time: 1 second - 20 ticks

Change commands
Tap Manage my commands
Choose a command you want to delete or change
Change or delete the command

Change add-on preferences
Tap on My preferences
These are personal preferences for each user
These will change the design of menus, text and other items

How can I give access to other players?
/execute (player name) ~~~ function sirob_turbocommands

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