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Custom Chat Commands Add-on 1.17+

Custom Chat Commands Add-on

The Custom Chat Commands mod adds new commands to Minecraft that can be executed in any game mode. Each of them performs an interesting function, and therefore will be useful. If you own a server, you'll be able to bully other players or torture griefers.

The command to greet the server
.announce Hello server!
Custom Chat Commands Add-on 1.17+

Game Mode Change
.gm 0

Sends a player into a trap
.cage @RomanMender3164(2)

Clearing chat

Spawn cow
.summon cow 10

Run the command multiple times
.run 10

The command /tag "player name" add admin will allow you to use commands, and the command /tag "player name" remove admin, on the contrary, will remove.

List of commands
.announce - displays a message on the server for all players
.banish<@player> - teleports the player to a random location
.cage<@player> - captures player in obsidian trap
.ci - clears inventory
.clearchat - clears chat
.day - changes the time to day
.feed - fills hunger bar
.gm - changes game mode
.heal - replenishes health
.help [page] - help in game
.hole<@player> - sends player to hole
.i [amount] - gives player stack of items
.night - change the time to night
.ping - ping pong
.run - makes command several times
.setspawn - sets spawn point
.smite<@player> - spawns lightning on player
.summon - spawns the mobs
.swap<@player><@player> - swaps coordinates of one player with another
.tpall - teleports all to the player
.tphere<@player> - teleports someone to the player

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