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Cordyceps Add-on 1.19

Cordyceps Add-on

The Cordyceps mod takes its name from Cordyceps, which are spore fungi that parasitize other creatures. This means that a plague will start on the expanses of Minecraft Bedrock, which will infect most of the monsters. Can you survive in a post-apocalyptic world?
Cordyceps Add-on 1.19

Blocks and textures
Mushrooms got a new look
Mechanisms added

Villagers will appear when interacting with this block

Infested Blocks
Infested blocks will remain on the ground when they die
Infested Mobs will drop from them

Useful items can be found

Spawn: All around, day or night

Spawn: Underground (more often in lush and karst caves)
Runs away when receiving damage

Causes sickness
Fast in the water
Spawn: everywhere both day and night

Rotten Clickers
Spawn: Jungle and Swamp
Effect: Poison

Extremely dangerous
Spawn: in their structures in the jungle and swamps

Extremely powerful
Two types of attack
Spawn: Inherent structure

Sniper Rifles
Still under construction
Crafting 4 Iron Ingots

Infected Mobs

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