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Fantasy Forest Add-on 1.19

Fantasy Forest Add-on

Do you want to fill the forests of Minecraft Pocket Edition with new, fantastic monsters? The Fantasy Forest mod brings many monsters, races and bosses from various myths, legends and fairy tales.

Spawn: Forest
Drop: Fairy Dust
Fantasy Forest Add-on 1.19

Warrior Skeletons
Spawn: Night
Similar to skeletons, but uses melee attacks

Skeleton Guard
Spawn: Night
Stronger and tougher than warriors

Orc Pig
Spawn: Desert
High Damage

Spawn: Forests (Group 4 Mobs)

Spawn: Jungle and Forest
Attack those who hit animals or pluck plants

Spawn: Caves
Disguised as a chest

Human lizard
Spawn: swamp
Attacks everyone

Skeleton King
Spawn: Forest (rare)
Spawns skeletons
2 stages after death

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