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Danger Creatures Add-on 1.18+/1.17+

Danger Creatures Add-on

Danger Creatures mod offers 5 new monsters in Minecraft. Each of them has a lot of power and wants to deal with the player as soon as possible. Be careful with these creatures, as they can do high damage if you do not pick up powerful weapons and armor.

Destroys everything in its path
Health: 35
Damage: 16
Spawn: Forest
Effect: Poison
Drops: Seeds and Iron Bar
Danger Creatures Add-on 1.18+/1.17+

Spawns desiccating skeletons every 100 seconds.
Health: 65
Damage: 19
Spawn: Desert
Effect: Hunger
Drops: Stone and skin

Dark Ent
2 attacks
Health: 95
Damage: 30
Spawn: Forest
Drop: Wood and immortality totem
Can get sap when interacting with a flask

Gold Inc
Player will die if he makes eye contact
Health: 100
Damage: 30
Spawn: Lower World
Drop: Gold Blocks, Diamonds
Has a spurt

Dark Warrior
3 types of attacks: two deal 15 damage and one deals 45 damage
Health: 150
Damage: 30
Spawn: Lower World, Edge, Caves
Drop: Obsidian, neserite
Has a spurt

Dark Aint Juice
Gives 1 positive and 1 negative effect

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