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Create Add-on 1.18

Create Add-on

With the Create mod, there will be 12 new mechanisms in Minecraft that will make your survival easier. If you love different mechanisms and other engineering things, you can't miss this addition.

Types of mechanisms
Cogwheel: the main element of the add-on, which lets you connect one mechanism to another.
Lamp: illuminates the space
Creative motor: makes the cog wheels turn
Mechanical crank: rotates cogwheels when interacting
Water wheel: activates the cogwheels once every 10 seconds if there is a water source above
Wind turbine: activates the cogwheels every 8 seconds
Mechanical Sieve: Turns sand and gravel into iron, gold, or redstone (block must be placed on top)
Mechanical saw: put a block of earth on top and a sapling on it, then the mechanism will produce wood
Mechanical energy converter: gives energy to the nearest motor
Mechanical drill: destroys the block on top
Mechanical boulder generator: creates a boulder from above
Crushing wheel: turns cobblestone into sand and sand into gravel
Create Add-on 1.18

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