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Back to Basics Add-on 1.19/1.18+

Back to Basics Add-on

We present to your attention an add-on that adds to your Minecraft world the ability to create items that will simplify the crafting process of certain items. This add-on adds new items with which players can add other items to the game. The new items resemble the mechanisms that were used earlier in the pre-mechanical era. There are no entities here, all items are presented as blocks. Let's take a look at the features of this add-on below.

Features of the add-on

Let's first look at the sieve that will be added to the game. In order for the players to be able to use the sieve, you must first craft it. The first thing the player needs to craft is a sieve frame, below you can see the recipe for crafting:

Sieve Frame craft

After you have crafted the sieve frame, you need to select a mesh, you can see an example of meshes below:

Back to Basics (1)

Place the selected mesh in the sieve frame, how it works

Players can sift sand, gravel, and dirt.

Please note that for each specific level of the mesh, the material that has been sieved has different outputs:

Back to Basics (2)

Also, seeds from different biomes and other specific things.

Such specific things can be Nether sieve.

In order for the player to use such a sieve, you must first craft the frame of the Crimson sieve, the crafting recipe is below:

Crimson Sieve

Please note that this frame uses ONLY gold mesh and higher! Example:

You can only use the crushed Netherrack for the sieve!

Crushed Netherrack

Please note that below you can see certain items that you can get, depending on which level of sieve you are using:

Back to Basics (3)

Use the craft book to learn about different sieve crafting recipes.

Another feature of this add-on is the barrels! Crafting recipe below:


Requiring four leaves to add water:

Back to Basics (4)

Requiring four saplings to add dirt

Lava Barrel Crafting Recipe:

Lava Barrel

Requiring two cobblestones to add lava:

It also adds such an item as a mortar. For those who do not know, a mortar is a cup made of a smooth hard material, in which softer substances are ground or ground with the help of a pestle (a tool similar to a mace).

Please note that in order for players to use this item, it is necessary to craft two items of which it consists, namely a bowl and a pestle. Crafting recipes below

Back to Basics (5)

Back to Basics (6)

We also draw your attention to the fact that for a better experience, the recipes for dyes using flowers have been changed. You can see an example in the screenshot below:

Back to Basics (7)

An additional feature is a flower called Bumble_Flowers which can also be used!


Use a mortar, place the selected flower inside and crush it:

Back to Basics (8)

Back to Basics (9)

Please note that this process gives the player's character hunger for two seconds since this is not so easy to do both in the game and in real life.

Back to Basics (10)

As a result, Dyes of different colors from different flowers !:

Back to Basics (11)

Cool isn't it ?!

And here we see how cookies and bread changed their appearance:

Back to Basics (12)

Players can craft flour and cocoa powder! Below you can see the ingredients and recipe for crafting:

Back to Basics (13)

After you get the dough after crafting, place it in the Furnace. As a result, you will receive bread:

Back to Basics (14)

Players can also make cookie dough and place it in the Furnace in the same way:

Back to Basics (15)

Another item is a hand crusher! The recipe for crafting this item is below:
Back to Basics (16)

How does it work? It's very simple, pull it back, place a cobblestone, Netherrack, or gravel, and just interact to crush! After using this item, the player, as well as after the mortar, will have the effect of hunger, but less than that of the mortar.

How it works:

And the last item is Drying Rack! Crafting recipe below:

Drying Rack

Drying Rack (1)

You can use both rotten flesh and algae!

Changes in the new version
New blocks added
Compatible with 1.19
Added new materials

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