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Toasts Engineering 2 Add-on 1.18

Toasts Engineering 2 Add-on

If you like building mechanisms, you probably would like them to become more complex. Just for such users there are add-ons on the type of mod Toasts Engineering 2. In this part, there will be ore, mechanisms and more to make survival more interesting.

Tin ore
Levels: 8-70.
Used for mechanisms with heat
Mined with a stone pickaxe and higher
Toasts Engineering 2 Add-on 1.18

Silver Ore
Levels: -64-8 (Deepslate only)
Used for high level machineries
Mined with Iron Pickaxe and above

Ore Workbench
Place two bars of ore to turn them into flat pieces
Then use hammer to work the ore on them

After that you can make wires with the wire making tool

Recipes for the basic elements

First level of machines
Coal generator
Lava generator

Second level of mechanisms
Oil Generators
Solar panels
Ability to improve energy

Level Three Machines
Oil generators
Solar panels
Ability to boost energy

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