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Ultimate Backpack Add-on 1.18+

Ultimate Backpack Add-on

Do you want backpacks? This is a rhetorical question that doesn't need an answer. Every player in Minecraft PE knows how important it is to carry backpacks and collect all sorts of materials and items. That's why the Ultimate Backpack mod offers another option for bags.

Two types of backpacks: the first option is activated by clicking and the second option is activated by holding an item.

First, click on the backpack you want to use. After that, click on the items you want to keep in your inventory.

Leather Backpack
Passive effect: speed and jump 2
Ability: demonic speed - summons a fast horse that takes no damage from falling (lasts 2 minutes)
Craft: 1 chest and 8 skins
Ultimate Backpack Add-on 1.18+

Stone Backpack
Passive effect: Immunity to slow and speed 3
Skill: Heavy Aura - Mobs within 10 blocks are frozen and can't deal damage for 30 seconds (cooldown 45 seconds)
Crafting: 1 chest and 8 stones

Iron Backpack
Passive Effects: Immune to Poison and Auto Meltdown
Skill: Purge - removes all negative effects and gives 2 hearts for 240 seconds (15 second cooldown)
Craft: 1 chest and 8 iron bars

Gold Backpack
Passive effect: 1 level every 30 seconds until level 30
Skill: Regenerate 3 for 10 seconds and absorb 2 for 120 seconds (cooldown 20 seconds)
Crafting: 1 chest and 8 gold bars

Diamond Backpack
Passive effect: immunity to 15% of any damage and random replacement of a stone with a diamond block (rare chance)
Skill: sharpening - with a 50% chance it gives a power of 1 (lost upon death and has a cooldown of 10 seconds)
Crafting: 1 chest and 8 diamonds

Emerald Backpack
Passive effect: village hero and immunity to damage from iron golem (they run away from the player)
Skill: Summons an immortal villager for 30 seconds
Crafting: 1 chest and 8 emeralds

Netherite Backpack
Passive effect: Immune to fire and debuff
Ability: Blocks first damage upon activation (damage amount is unimportant)

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