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BackPack Add-on 1.16+

BackPack Add-on

Would you like to add new backpacks for your character to your Minecraft world? If yes then the new addon is what you need. There are no scripts, no entities from the ground, no taming, and it is also available for all existing platforms. On the back, the backpack has no 3D perspective. New backpacks have a new system of work.

To do this, players need to use the item with which the backpack will work, namely, interact with the item and the inventory will open. In total, 16 new backpacks will be added to the game.

All sixteen backpacks have different colors. Also, players need to use the new crafting table to craft new backpacks. Let's see below which backpacks will be added to the Minecraft world:

BackPack (1)

Also, below you can see a screenshot of the new crafting table for crafting backpacks:

BackPack (2)

Below is a screenshot of the crafting recipe for the new crafting table:

BackPack (3)

By opening a new crafting table for backpacks, players can get the opportunity to observe the different crafting they may have. To do this, open the Nature section in the crafting table, then find the option above the crafting table and deactivate it. Screenshots of settings:

BackPack (4)

BackPack (5)

Please note that first, players need to craft a brown backpack after you can change its color. The recipe for crafting a brown backpack is below:

BackPack (6)

Attention: Please note that after the player has crafted a brown backpack and changed its color on the crafting table, after that you cannot change the color of the backpack again! Also, these backpacks are available for multiplayer mode, which is why each player has the opportunity to choose his favorite color.

BackPack (7)

It is important to know that in a multiplayer game, each player must have a different color of the backpack, otherwise, a bug or glitch may occur. For example, if player A has a blue backpack, then the other 15 games on the server should not have such a similar one, only a backpack of a different color. If you want a certain color and a lot of players are playing with you, then just hurry up to choose the desired backpack first.

The icon of the new backpack has a new name, namely, after you have crafted the backpack, you will see the Kit BackPack, and the color of your backpack is indicated in parentheses.

Use your backpack like this: place the backpack on the ground, right-click, then you will see two new objects of the backpack. These are two backpacks with different names.

Pick up the backpacks, and you will see that one of them has the name Spawn, and the second has nothing. Use the one that has the name Spawn it. Place the specified backpack on the ground and the backpack function will be activated. Put your item in your backpack and open it.

BackPack (7)

Please note that if you play in a single-player game, you can use a backpack of any color, but the main thing is that the color is only in one form without repeating itself.

In the near future, the process of activating the backpack function will be simplified so that it is not so difficult.

Small bugs may occur, such as if the player puts his backpack in the inventory it can take it out of the inventory. There is also a possibility that after you put the backpack on the ground, it may disappear along with your items, so be careful.

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