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Klombos Add-on 1.18+

Klombos Add-on

The Klombos mod adds new monsters to the world of Minecraft. They are giant and cute animals that you can tame and use for your own purposes. Friendship with such giants would be the best solution, otherwise you would have a hard time. After feeding, the Klombos give players useful items that can be used in survival.

Spawn: desert, mesa, jungle, savannah, and beaches
Taming: bones.
Can be ridden
Health: 2000 (wild) and 4000 (tame)
Damage: 24 (wild) and 28 (tame)
Attacks skeletons and zombies.
Has a resistance of 3 and regeneration of 3.
Feeds on golden apples and apples
Klombos Add-on 1.18+

Klombo Berry
Feeding the berry will drop the following items:
Wooden blocks
Brick blocks
Iron Blocks
Enchanted iron weapons and armor
Enchanted Diamond Weapons and Armor
Enchanted Golden Apple
Restores 5 starvation and gives 10 seconds of regeneration.
Appears in the desert, jungle, and grass

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