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Crash Royale Add-on 1.18+/1.17+

Crash Royale Add-on

The Crash Royale mod is based on the Clash Royale game of the same name, one of the most popular smartphone games. In Minecraft there will appear monsters from this game. Only 7 creatures that will protect you from all enemies. Characteristics are taken from the same game at level 11 of each mob and divided by 5.

Skeleton Army
15 skeletons that can beat big enemies
Health: 16.2
Damage: 16.2
Attack speed: 0.1 sec

Crash Royale Add-on 1.18+/1.17+

Spawns skeletons every 7 seconds and can even defeat a Wither
Health: 167.6
Damage: 26.8
Attack speed: 1.1 sec

Defeats the evil-doer easily with his area ranged attack.
Health: 144
Damage: 56.2
Attack Speed: 1.4 seconds

Elite Barbarian
Two types of barbarians that can take on stronger foes
Health: 268.2
Damage: 76.8
Attack Speed: 1.4 seconds

Very powerful and tenacious creature that attacks an area as well.
Health: 373
Damage: 58.4
Attack speed: 1.4 seconds

Massive damage that can take out armies in a single shot
Health: 290.4
Damage: 266.2
Attack Speed: 4 seconds

The strongest and most powerful mob in the expansion.
Health: 832
Damage: 163.2
Attack Speed: 1.8 seconds

Crash Royale Add-on 1.18+/1.17+

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