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IndustrialCraft Add-on 1.18

IndustrialCraft Add-on

The IndustrialCraft mod adds some freshness to Minecraft Bedrock. You'll be able to get resources, materials, items and blocks in new ways. Mechanisms will be added for this, which will make survival a lot easier. A truly industrial revolution for the block universe.

Industrial Workbench
Used to create an excavator
IndustrialCraft Add-on 1.18

Allows you to destroy many blocks
First you need to fuel the machine
Inside the machine you can see if there is any fuel
It is possible to change the material of the drill: the material determines which blocks will fall out
The strength of the drill is similar to that of the material
Once the drill breaks, the machine can be used for moving around, but not for destroying

Oil pump
You need oil to get fuel, which is extracted by this mechanism
Oil is deposited in vessels
Vessels must be placed on gold blocks or they will not fill
Once fully filled, the oil can be collected with a bucket

Fuel Maker
Allows you to purify the oil
The block of fractionation tower must be placed last, otherwise the mechanism will not work

Gevea Brazilian
Tree that appears in the jungle
Can be used with a bucket to collect bark

Craft Recipes

IndustrialCraft Add-on 1.18

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