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Iron Man (Hulkbuster) Add-on 1.18

Iron Man (Hulkbuster) Add-on

To become a superhero, you need the right costume. And not just a nice uniform, but the very real robot Hulkbuster. The Iron Man (Hulkbuster) mod adds the ability to use Hulkbuster on the expanses of Minecraft Bedrock. You'll be able to destroy mobs in a matter of moments.

First you have to craft the costume maker. Within 4 seconds the suit will appear after using the item.
Iron Man (Hulkbuster) Add-on 1.18

Squat protects against attacks

Sprint gives flight

16 damage per second

Reactor Beam
17 damage per second

Ability Utilization
Selectable Weapon and Skills



Iron Man (Hulkbuster) Add-on 1.18

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