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Iron Man Add-on 1.20

Iron Man Add-on

With the Iron Man mod you'll be able to try on the Iron Man suit in the Minecraft world. Not only can you put the armor on yourself, but you can also drive it while it deals with all your enemies in automatic mode.

The suit may be too strong and a little off-balance for the game, but it's very cool.

Immediately after logging in type /function 42.

Then you will get items to spawn and activate the suit: Mark 42 and the Suit Activator.

To spawn the suit use the Mark 42 item.

Then you need to assemble the parts of the suit with the Suit Activator item.

Then you get the Suit Auto Mode. This allows you to put the suit into automatic mode. In it, the armor will run after the player and automatically kill enemies.

To put the items on, you have to remove the Suit Auto Mode item and interact with the armor.

Then use the Call Suit item to have pieces of armor fly off and put on you.

At the end, you'll get the Remove Suit item to remove the suit.

Flight Functions

Main Screen

Iron Man Add-on 1.20

Mark 5 suit

Changes in the new version
Added costumes
Removed some elements
Changed particles

Iron Man Add-on 1.20

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