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Raiyon's More Totems Add-on 1.18+

Raiyon's More Totems Add-on

There can never be too many totems. The more of them, the more protected the player feels. Not only will he stop dying, but he will get even more diverse abilities with Raiyon's More Totems mod. The addition introduces more than 25 new magical items that will help with survival in Minecraft.

Using Totems
Raiyon's More Totems Add-on 1.18+

Axolotl totem

Ifrit Totem
Burns the ground

Bee Totem
Spawns bees, which protect the player

Cat totem
Gives night vision

Totem of the cow

Creeper Totem
Area damage

Dragon totem

Endermen Totem

Totem of the Feather
Allows you to float

Ghast Totem
Fires a fireball of gust

Iron Golem Totem

Illager Totem
Gives the effect of a bad omen

Phantom Totem
Spawns a phantom that attacks your enemies

Piglin Totem
Pyglins don't attack

Piglet Totem

Pufferfish Totem
Poison on nearby mobs

Sheep Totem

Shulker totem
Levitation to nearby mobs

Slime Totem
Throws enemies away

Spider totem

Crewmember Totem

Totem of the Ender Pearl

Totem of the villager

Warden's totem

Wither Totem

Totem of the Turtle
Gives the turtle master effect

Mushroom Cow Totem
Generates a giant mushroom

Rabbit Totem
Gives the effect of a jump

Changes in the new version
Fixed axolotl textures
Added 3 new totems

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