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Raiyon's More Shields Add-on 1.18

Raiyon's More Shields Add-on

Raiyon's More Shields mod increases the number of shields in Minecraft and makes survival in Minecraft a little more interesting. The build adds 6 new shields, each with their own unique properties.


Mushroom Light Shield
Illuminates the space
Raiyon's More Shields Add-on 1.18

Iron Shield
Deals damage to attackers

Magma Shield
Burning enemies

Shalker Shield
Casts levitation on enemies

Ice Shield
Slows enemies

Slime Shield
Pushes back foes

Copper Shield
Summons lightning in a thunderstorm

Gold Shield
Piglins do not attack when held

Amethyst Shield
Stuns the enemy every few blockages and gives speed

Changes in the new version
Compatible with 1.18.30
Disabled shield durability
Added Player.json

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