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Biome Revamp Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Biome Revamp Add-on

Do you want more of the already annoying biomes in Minecraft? The Biome Revamp mod will make all the biomes in the block world a little better. Changes will affect mesas, forests, beaches, savannas, deserts and more. Some locations will add elements from the upcoming "Wild" update.

Birchwood Forest
New plants and trees:
Light red and pink mushrooms
Morado flower
Rainbow tail
Red flute
Large dandelion
Biome Revamp Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Added palm trees
Sand grass is generated on the sand
There will be coconuts in the future

Baobabs generated
Termite nests
Pampas flowers

Dragon fruit
Rarely appears in the jungle

Jade and Chalk Stone are generated

Termites and ostriches in the savanna
Frogs and fireflies in the swamp
Bears and elae in the forest
Copper golem

Changes in the new version
Fixed brass heart
Changed block textures
Fixed bugs
Changed mob textures
Fixed bugs
Reworked the spawning of monsters

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