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Modern Mobs Add-on 1.18+

Modern Mobs Add-on

Modern Mobs mod will make the usual Mobs Minecraft PE better versions of themselves. In addition, the build adds new weapons, police, prisoners and many other interesting things. If you've always wanted to role-play with your friends, you're unlikely to find anything better.

Now all the mobs will be similar to humans. However, each of them can be distinguished by the special traits peculiar to each mob in the game. In addition, the villagers have become urban and are divided into men and women.
Modern Mobs Add-on 1.18+

Even the relationship between the mobs have changed. In the city will be constant clashes between the police and prisoners. You have to choose one side and help your mobs.

No more swords and emeralds: only real weapons that you can buy for coins. You will be able to purchase both edged and firearms. Ordinary citizens can become police officers by giving them weapons.

Weapons will need ammunition, so don't forget about them. In addition, you need to constantly reload.

You may encounter these pigeons.

All this will be strongly reminds GTA, so if you love this game, then install the add-on.

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