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Biome Overhaul Add-on 1.18+

Biome Overhaul Add-on

The Biome Overhaul mod combines three add-ons in one. They are all created by the same author. You will find a lot of new and interesting things: ore, weapons, tools, bosses, structures and more. In addition to combining the three additions, the author also presented bonus elements, which you can learn about below.


Biome Mix
Gives resistance and the effects of potions in the recipe
Biome Overhaul Add-on 1.18+

Ice Spear
Deals 7.5 damage and has a durability of 125
Slows enemies

Arctic Spear
Deals 11 damage and has a durability of 400
Freezes enemies

Ice Dust
New dust to make powder

Cold Dart
Cool Dart Gear

Chilled Blowgun
Freezes enemies

Desert Chakram
Deals 3.5 damage up close and 6.5 damage far away
Rapid Missile

Snow Chakram
Deals 5 damage up close and 12 damage away
Snowflake Shell

Ice Powder
Freezes enemies around
Leaves an empty bag after use

Frosty Heart
Creates a slowing aura around the player
Doesn't work on players

Spear of the Elements
Deals 9 damage and has 300 durability
Places poison and freezes enemies

Medallion of the Ancients
Shield: 4.5
Lasts 1000
Gives 1.5 minutes of staying power and other effects from the recipe.

Ice Eye Spawn Block
Spawns the boss only if the block is broken

Ice Altar
Structure from ice eye and ice zombie spawn blocks

Ice Eye
Health: 150 units
Damage: 5
Fires snow chakrams
Slows enemies
Deals a lot of damage with chakrams.
Freezes the player for 3-5 seconds on impact
When the mob dies, negative effects will disappear

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