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Expedition Backpacks Add-on 1.18+

Expedition Backpacks Add-on

Every traveler knows what you should always take on a camping trip. Of course, we are talking about a backpack, where you can store all sorts of things. This is the most valuable thing that any tourist needs. Expedition Backpacks mod provides backpacks for Minecraft PE. Several types of colors with the same size of inventory are available. All items are available in survival mode through crafting.

Each backpack has been given 64 free slots for items.

The recipe for crafting is pretty simple.
Expedition Backpacks Add-on 1.18+

When crafting, take all items from the backpack, or they will disappear.

Once you get the backpack, take it in your hand and hold it until the arrows appear.
After that, you need to click on the items to put in the backpack
Then click on the backpack's item to store it.
To retrieve items, hold the backpack again until you see the arrows and then click on the empty slot.
To get things all at once, you can take the backpack in your hand and use it anywhere you can't interact


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