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Poppy Playtime 3 Add-on 1.17+

Poppy Playtime 3 Add-on

Poppy Playtime 3 mod is inspired by the game of the same name, in which the main villain is Huggy Wuggy. In addition, other characters from this game will appear in Minecraft: Kissy Missy, Boogie Bot and many others. As you know, the game is designed in the genre of horror, so the addition tried to keep this style. Use the build at your own risk.

Just a toy so far.

Huggy Wuggy
Can get under objects.
Walks through a two-block hole
Can grab a player
Makes a screammer when he kills the player
There are no these functions yet: the mob only follows the player and spotting at a long distance

Huggy Ventilation.

Dead Huggy Wuggy.
When dying it turns into this

Friendly Huggy Wuggy.
You don't want to touch him

Kissy Missy
Friendly Huggy Wuggy

A statue of Huggy Wuggy
Standing and doing nothing

Toy Huggy Wuggy
Just a toy

Boogie Bot
Can be tamed with iron bars when activated


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