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Delta Bot Add-on 1.17+

Delta Bot Add-on

No more loneliness in Minecraft. Now you will always have your faithful companions with you - delta bots in Minecraft. With the Delta Bot mod, you can add them to the block world. Three options are available: defender, miner and companion. Each performs a different function: extracts materials or protects the player.

To create them you have to spawn an egg and then activate with an iron ingot. Next, the mob has to be tamed with an iron ingot.

Each mob has its own craft options

You have to charge your minions

50% charge

30% charge

0% charge

Delta bot miner
Destroys a room of 10 by 10 blocks
Deals no damage but attacks enemies
Activated by Iron Pickaxe
Reload: 20 seconds

Delta Bot Protector
Deals 8 damage and has 80 health points
With diamond armor, deals 140 health and 15 damage
Armor comes from the player

Delta Bot
Best and kindest friend

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