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Saint Nicholas Holiday Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Saint Nicholas Holiday Add-on

St. Nicholas Day is a pretty popular holiday, celebrated on December 6. St. Nicholas brings gifts to everyone and puts them in boots. The author of the Saint Nicholas Holiday mod decided that it would be a good idea to bring all this to the world of Minecraft. Each player will be able to celebrate this holiday and quietly attract the atmosphere of the New Year.

Modified Cake
According to the traditional recipe of the Romans.

Snow instead of rain

Candy Stick
Gives speed for 10 seconds

Gingerbread Man
Gives speed for 10 seconds

Saint Nicholas
Has sounds and voice
Normal boots become boots with gifts if mob passes over them

Hat of Saint Nicholas

Staff of Saint Nicholas

Brown, black and gray

Boots with gifts
Decorative Blocks
If broken, random items will fall out
Below are all available items

House of Saint Nicholas
Generating: cold biomes
Two chests with valuable items

Items in the Chest

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