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Prehistoric Animalia Add-on 1.19+

Prehistoric Animalia Add-on

Dinosaurs and many other animals from different times of life on planet Earth. All this will appear in Minecraft Bedrock with the Prehistoric Animalia mod. The addition will be an ideal choice if you love the study of prehistoric creatures.

Tiny Animals
Biome: Oceans
Health: 4

Kruralispinia multidonta
Biome: Dark Forest or Taiga.
Health: 5
Tame with seeds or sweet berries

Yi Qi
Biome: Dark Forest or Taiga
Health: 6
Tame with the eyes of a spider.
Have Slow Fall

Anchiornis Huxley
Biome: Forest, Dark Forest, or Taiga
Health: 6
Can be tamed by the eyes of a spider or a pumpkin.
Have a slow fall.

Haikouichthys Ercaicunensis
Biome: Oceans
Health: 2

Sparsa hallucigenia
Biome: Oceans
Health: 2

Small Animals
Stenohosaurus Inaequalis.
Aggressive to players, chickens, pigs, and tiny animals
Biome: Mesa, Taiga, Savannah
Health: 20
Damage: 3
Steals food when attacked
Tames raw chicken or sweet berries

Medium Animals
Lioleurodon Pachysaurus
Aggressive to players, cod and smaller animals
Biome: Cold Oceans
Health: 110
Damage: 15

Prionosuchus plummeri.
Aggressive against Salmon, Cows, and smaller animals. Neutral to the player.
Biome: Rivers and Swamps
Health: 110
Damage: 13
Half-Water Animal
Slows enemies
Tame salmon

Large Animals
Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis
Aggressive to players, goats, sheep, and smaller animals
Biome: taiga
Health: 200
Damage: 10
Slows enemies
Tames raw beef, mutton, chicken

Tarbosaurus baatar
Aggressive to cows, pigs, players, and smaller animals.
Biome: Jungle and Birchwood
Health: 180 and 150 (albino)
Damage: 18 and 17 (albino)
Ravage like a Destroyer

Giant Animals
Atlasaurus Imelakei
Biome: Mountains and Mesa
Beats the area.
Health: 320
Damage: 30

Prehistoric Animalia Add-on 1.19+

Changes in the new version
Fixed bugs
Added new creatures
Lots of changes in behavior, textures, and models

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