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Minecraft Earth Add-on 1.17+

Minecraft Earth Add-on

The Minecraft Earth mod adds more than 40 new mobs to the Minecraft world. What available you ask? Custom textures, models, animations and even sounds. All of them are present in virtual reality mode, which, unfortunately, the project was stopped. All the mobs will spawn naturally around the world. Each of them got the ability to blink their eyes.

Types of cows
Buttercup cow
Wool Cow
Umbra cow
Ash cow
Albino cow
Spotted cow
Sunset cow
Heeler cow
Creamy cow
Confectionary cow

Types of sheep
Rock sheep
Spotted ewe
Long-necked sheep
Black ewe
Fluffy ewe
Mottled ewe
Rainbow sheep
Horned ewe

Types of pigs
Dark pig
Spotted pig
Pink-legged pig
Bronze pig
Pied pig
Pale pig
Dirty pig

Types of chickens
Pied chicken
Thundering hen
Amber chicken
Bronze chicken
Mushroom Chicken
Unusual chicken
Midnight Hen
Golden Crested Hen

Kinds of rabbits
Dirty Rabbit
Rabbit in a vest
Harlequin rabbit
Freckled rabbit
The conspicuous rabbit
Big rabbit
Minecraft Earth Add-on 1.17+

Other Mobs
Jolly llama
Melon Golem
Skeleton Wolf
Tropical Slime
Bone Spider
Glowing squid
Stove golem
Vile Witch

Pink Daisy
Unusual Feather
Rainbow Bed
Rainbow Wool
Rainbow Carpet

Changes in the new version
Removed glowing squid
Added animations
Added blocks to the creative inventory
Fixed spawn probability
Bug fixes

Minecraft Earth Add-on 1.17+

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