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LugiaplayZ09's Project Hallownest Add-on 1.19+

LugiaplayZ09's Project Hallownest Add-on

The LugiaplayZ09's Project Hallownest mod for Minecraft is based on the indie game Hollow Knight. The main goal of the add-on is for the player to try out the abilities of a medieval knight: you'll receive new weapons, as well as interesting spells to fight against enemies.

Old Nail
Damage: 6
Ability: none
LugiaplayZ09's Project Hallownest Add-on 1.19+

Sharpened Nail
Damage: 7
Ability: speed 1

Channelled Nail
Damage: 10
Ability: none

Coiled Nail
Damage: 12
Ability: jump boost 3

Pure Nail
Damage: 16
Ability: lightning

Dream Nail
Damage: 20
Ability: breaks 10 blocks ahead

Focus Spell
Health boost 3 and Regeneration 1 for 30 seconds

Vengeful Spirit
Explodes and sets on fire

Howling Wraiths
Explode and set on fire

Mothwing Cloak
Jump boost 3

Monarch Wings
Levitation 5

Isma's Tear
Water breathing

Bench for enhanced items
Surround items with void items to enhance them

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