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Village and Pillage+ Add-on 1.17+

Village and Pillage+ Add-on

The Village and Pillage+ mod expands the capabilities of both villagers and outlaws in Minecraft. They will get more new features and will be able to fight with each other even more actively. Perhaps you'll stop killing them all and have more fun interacting with them.

Residents can push buttons.

Mobs drop meat.

Gunsmiths and smiths will fight zombies

Sheep herder will shear sheep

Cleric will sell glowing obsidian

At spawn, villagers have no jobs
Removed beggar

Garnet: Generated as Gold
Topaz: Generated like iron, but in the plains
Kyanite: generated like copper, but in the oceans
Mined with an iron pick

New Bounty Breaker
Produces rock and cobble.
Slightly stronger than the bandits.
Spawns with a pickaxe in the Robbers' Mine

Robbers Mine

Village Warrior
Appears with a 30% chance of being killed instead of a normal citizen.
Health: 50 Hearts

Outlaws can drop totem hearts.

Revive Table
To make totems
Totems last 300 seconds

Healing Totem
Heals but weakens

Fire Resistance Totem
Gives you fire resistance

Power Totem
Strength and Deceleration

Jump Totem
Increases jump, imposes a slowed fall and hunger

Copying Totem
Copies any block except neserite block, portals, bedrock, storage blocks, creative blocks, and portal frames
Interact with the block, after which it begins to glow. Then you can click on any block - it will turn into the selected

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