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Magic Essentials Add-on 1.17+

Magic Essentials Add-on

Your magical adventure in MCPE will begin with the Magic Essentials mod. Use mana to create incredible spells. They will protect you from mobs, help you avoid death and destroy your enemies. Become a true wizard by mastering the basics of magic.

Energy for the application of abilities
Hold a book in your left hand.
Use a wand in your right hand
All mana is lost when you die.
Max Mana: 200

Magic Wand: Allows you to cast spells
Magic Crystal: Used in Recipes

Wizard Boss
Spawns vexes or knockback
Spawns in a structure.
Holds valuable items in his chest

Wizard Costume
Increases health by 40 and damage by 4

Magic Wand

Table of Mana
Used for crafting items

Mana Crystal

Mana Book

Knockback Book

Stone spell Book

Lightning Book

Storm Book

Levitation Book

Fire Book

Fang Book

Ender Book

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