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Infinity Gauntlet Add-on 1.17+

Infinity Gauntlet Add-on

The Infinity Gauntlet is a powerful artifact that can destroy half the creatures in the universe at the snap of a finger. Fortunately, such a tool exists only in the Marvel Universe and in Minecraft. In the block world, it will appear with the Infinity Gauntlet mod. To obtain it, you will have to collect quite a few materials and gradually create the gauntlet gem by gem.

You should know that each gem has certain abilities. If you collect all the gems together, you can quickly destroy mobs.


Infinity ore can be found in caves, from which fragments of infinity gems fall. The material is used to create gems.

The ore is generated around level 9.

Then the gems themselves are created: collect all six to activate the power of the gauntlet.

The gauntlet does not need to be put on: just select an item. Then you can use the gems individually.

Using the glove
Use jogging to switch between stone mode and power mode.
Rocks Mode: Press the Sneak button and pick a rock.
Strength Mode: Press crouch to choose stone's ability.

For example, if you use a pink stone and switch to power mode, the names of the other stones will be gray.

If you collect all types of stones in the gauntlet, you can use the main feature - the fast killing of mobs.

All items can be obtained using commands.

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