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More Crossbows Add-on 1.17+

More Crossbows Add-on

Everyone loves to shoot - it's much easier than walking up to a mob, taking damage and trying to kill it. Therefore, with the More Crossbows mod there will be even more types of crossbows in the game for users. One type shoots snowballs, and the other type shoots the Wither skulls. Quite an interesting addition for fans of long-range combat in the block world.

Shulker Crossbow.
Fires shulker projectiles
Casts levitation for 10 seconds
Reload time: 0.6 seconds
More Crossbows Add-on 1.17+

Fire Crossbow
Fires fireballs
Reload: 0.6 seconds

Crossbow Trident
Fires tridents
Reload: 1 second

Wither Crossbow
Fires Wither Skulls
Inflicts Wither
Reload: 0.6 seconds

Snow Crossbow
Shoots snowballs at 2 damage
Reload: 0.3 seconds

Magic Crossbow
Fires Vindicator spikes
Reload: 0.8 seconds

TNT Crossbow
Fires TNT
Reload: 0.6 seconds

Tactical Crossbow
Standard crossbow with high rate of fire and double damage
Reload: 0.3 seconds

Ender Dragon Crossbow
Fires fireballs of the Dragon
Reload: 4 seconds

Slime Crossbow

Lightning Crossbow

Chicken Crossbow

Changes in the new version
Three new crossbows
Added durability

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