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CianoKakuna's Furnitures Add-on 1.17+

CianoKakuna's Furnitures Add-on

CianoKakuna's Furnitures mod adds furniture in the style of different monsters of the world of Minecraft. Each furniture has its own structure and beautiful appearance. Naturally, named such furniture will look thematically in any house in the block universe. Each item has its own unique design that will enhance the design of any room. More than 50 design options are available.
CianoKakuna's Furnitures Add-on 1.17+

Commands for furniture
/give @p cka:drawer_ravager
/give @p cka:drawer_ravager2
/give @p cka:fridge_ravager
/give @p cka:table_ravager
/give @p cka:sink_ravager_kitchen
/give @p cka:oven_ravager
/give @p cka:dragon_coffee_machine
/give @p cka:axolotl_ceiling_lamp
/give @p cka:axolotl_ceiling_lamp_golden
/give @p cka:axolotl_ceiling_lamp_blue
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp_golden
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp_blue
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp_2
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp_2_golden
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp_2_blue
/give @p cka:axolotl_desk_lamp
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp_golden
/give @p cka:axolotl_modern_lamp_blue
/give @p cka:evoker_drawer
/give @p cka:evoker_drawer_2
/give @p cka:wardrobe_evoker
/give @p cka:wither_gaming_chair
/give @p cka:skeleton_chair
/give @p cka:wither_skeleton_chair
/give @p cka:stray_skeleton_chair
/give @p cka:spider_chair
/give @p cka:desk_table_witch
/give @p cka:desk_table_witch_2
/give @p cka:desk_table_witch_3
/give @p cka:desk_table_witch_4
/give @p cka:shulker_shower
/give @p cka:shulker_bathtub
/give @p cka:shulker_toilet
/give @p cka:shulker_sink
/give @p cka:phantom_table
/give @p cka:phantom_table_2
/give @p cka:phantom_table_3
/give @p cka:sofa_dragon
/give @p cka:sofa_dragon_2
/give @p cka:mini_sofa_dragon
/give @p cka:mini_sofa_dragon_2
/give @p cka:wither_table_tv
/give @p cka:wither_table_tv_2
/give @p cka:wither_table_tv_3
/give @p cka:wither_table_tv_4
/give @p cka:elder_guardian_tv
/give @p cka:guardian_tv
/give @p cka:laptop_elder_gaming
/give @p cka:laptop_guardian_gaming

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