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Unique Structure Loot Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Unique Structure Loot Add-on

Many people want the loot in the caves to get better. Sometimes we are so happy to find another structure, but we get very sad when we explore the chest. To fix this situation, you can try the Unique Structure Loot mod for Minecraft. Now each rare structure will have new items so that you'll have more desire to visit them.

Underwater Ruins
Sea Embryo: spawns a dolphin that will follow you around
Unique Structure Loot Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Healing kit: you can heal zombie inhabitants without using potions or golden apples. Dispenses 2-4 units at a time

Dark Amulet: Spawns zombie minions, but consumes your health. Mob attacks other creatures and is immune to fire

Desert Temple
Dust Lamp: Summons a genie that follows you around

Crusted Hammer: Can be found at the toolmaker's or armorer's shop. Similar to the iron sword. Can be repaired with Emeralds. If you attack a unit with a rare chance to get emeralds.

Forest Mansion
Gloves of the Jaws: Deals 3 damage. If you use a long press, you'll get jaws in a circle, but this consumes more toughness.

Nether fortress
Fortress Armor: Full armor gives immunity to fire. Similar to Iron Armor

Gilded Arrow: Summons a creature that follows the player. A long press will make the creature shoot a fireball

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