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Nadd Series: Animal Add-on 1.17+

Nadd Series: Animal Add-on

As you know, you can never have a lot of monsters, so we again offer you to increase the number of creatures in Minecraft with the mod Nadd Series: Animal. The build is quite simple: it adds a lot of animals, mostly friendly ones. They will spawn in forests and rivers. Biomes will become filled and realistic.

-Lays eggs like chickens.
-Produces seeds.
-Can clean itself.
-Fears the bear.
Nadd Series: Animal Add-on 1.17+

Buttercup and flower cow
-Faithful friends.
-Bees adore them

-The jungle got a little more dangerous
-Eat absolutely everything and everyone.
-Skeletons are too skinny, so piranhas avoid them.

-Do not approach them unless they are children.
-Hunt foxes and wild boars.

The addition offers many other things that you will find in the game itself.

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