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Tesoro+ Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Tesoro+ Add-on

We present to your attention a new addon that adds new accessories for your Minecraft world. With the help of new items of fittings, players will be able to create and decorate their rooms or houses in a new way. Please note that all new hardware items have different time periods, from more modern to historical architectural objects.

The new addon adds new unique blocks for your world in different architectural styles, ranging from medieval blocks and hardware items to the classic period, and much more in addition to this addon. In the future, even more, different items and blocks will be added.

Below you can see screenshots of some of the blocks:


Column Capitals (1)

Column Capitals (2)

Different arches:


Beautiful massive curtains:


And much more.

Attention: Please note that if you are using the Minecraft PE version 1.17+, you need to activate the settings that are shown in the screenshot below:

If you are using a version of the Minecraft PE game less than 1.17, you must activate the same settings with the exception of the Upcoming Creator Functions!

This addon supports versions of the game from Minecraft PE 1.16.100 and higher!

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