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Flying Car Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Flying Car Add-on

Have you heard of an aerial vehicle called the Klein Vision before? If not, then this addon will be of particular interest to you. Klein Vision is the company that created the aircar prototype of a two-seater flying vehicle that was developed by Stefan Klein and first created and presented to the public in Slovakia. If you are tired of addons that add simple cars to your Minecraft world, then the new addon is what you need.

A new car will be added to your Minecraft world, which transforms into a flying car while having a unique and modern design. Now you do not need a separate car or plane, now players can go on a journey both by air and by land.

In order for players to be able to use a new car in their world for survival, it is necessary to craft it. The crafting process is quite simple, for this you need to use the crafting table. For crafting, the player needs to have iron blocks, glass, and iron ingots. Crafting recipe below:

Flying Car craft

Players can use the car obtained after crafting both for movement on the ground and in the air. In order for the player to switch and transform his car from ground to air, it is necessary to use sneaking and press a special transformation button.

Flying Car (1)

Please note that players can also transform the car on the ground while driving by pressing the transform button.

Flying Car (2)

Driving a car in the air is quite easy, it's as easy as flying an airplane or any other flying machine in the Minecraft world, just look up to take off or down to land on the ground.

Flying Car (3)

Flying Car (4)

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