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250+ Miniblocks Add-on 1.16+

250+ Miniblocks Add-on

Would you like to add new blocks to your world that could be used for any kind of creative buildings or just used as decorations? If yes, then the new add-on is what you need. The new add-on adds more than 200 new miniblocks that players can use to decorate their world or just their house in an original way. And the most important thing is that the new blocks will not cause lags in your world and on your device. Please note that all new blocks are presented in the Minecraft world, not as entities.

Let's take a look at the features of the new add-on below.

As mentioned earlier, new blocks do not use entities, and this is good since many add-ons that add blocks to Minecraft PE use entities, which in turn gives certain restrictions. Unlike simple add-ons with additional blocks, the new add-on adds over 200 new miniblocks, to be more precise, players will receive about 300 new mini blocks!

250+ Miniblocks (1)

Please note that all blocks can be used during survival and you can craft them accordingly. For crafting, use iron ingots and, of course, a stone cutter. Below is the screenshot, you can see a small part of the blocks available to players:

One of the main features of the new miniblocks is that you can place them in several positions as they are multidirectional. To do this, you will need a new tool that you can also get in the game, namely a wrench. You will see the recipe for crafting a wrench below. Use a wrench on the desired block and you will change its position.

250+ Miniblocks (2)

This is the most useful and obviously, in your case, it will be the most demanded item. The new item allows players to make simple blocks more functional than most PE add-ons.

To craft a wrench, use the following crafting recipe:

craft a wrench

A small addition to this add-on is not only simple and unique decorative blocks but also blocks that can emit light, that is, be a small source of light. Players can use such blocks as light sources for decorations due to their unique functionality. Below you can see a list of such unique blocks that can emit light:

1. Beacons;
2. Furnace;
3. Smokers;
4. Redstone Lamps;
5. Sea Lanterns;
6. Blast Furnace;
7. Jackolanterns;
8. Shroomlights;
9. Glowstones.

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