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AEfood Add-on 1.16+

AEfood Add-on

Do you want to decorate the table beautifully but the food choices in your world are small? This is not a problem, with the new addon, players can add new food to their Minecraft world. Please note that all new food is for decoration purposes only and cannot be used for survival craft. Let's take a look at what food will be added to the game below.

Food list:

1. Ice cream with three different flavors;
2. Ice cream for two;
3. Cupcake with three different flavors;
4. Coffee;
5. Coffee for two;
6. Pancakes;
7. Fried chicken;
8. Complex lunch with coffee;
9. Orange juice tray.

AEfood (1)

AEfood (2)

Please note that as mentioned earlier, all new food is intended only for decoration purposes and cannot be used for crafting during survival, and in order for everything to work correctly, you must apply and use the addon for world settings, not for global settings!

Use all the holiday settings! Activate the pack of behavior and resources!

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