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Quicksand Add-on 1.16+

Quicksand Add-on

Have you ever seen such a unique type of sand as quicksand? Most likely not, since it is not only rare but at the same time very dangerous sand.

For those who do not know what it is, these are sands supersaturated with air (gas or hot vapors, in the desert) or moisture from rising springs, and as a result of this, they are capable of sucking objects falling on them; diverse in nature, but always devoid of fine-grained impurities. Due to evaporation or a thin film of water enveloping the grains of sand, the adhesion between them is extremely low.

Standing on such sand can be extremely dangerous as you can die. That is why we present you with an addon that adds quicksand to the world of Minecraft!

In addition to quicksand, players can also see other types of quicksand with different textures, such as mud, stone, cobblestone, brick, and of course, just sand.

This type of block can be used as a trap for hostile creatures or your friends.

Please note that players can craft new types of quicksand blocks. All of the above types of blocks such as mud, stone, cobblestone, brick, and of course just sand, players can use to create a secret wall, a secret floor, or traps for both hostile creatures and other players. Use your imagination and find your own use for these sand blocks.

Below you can see an example of how it looks and works in the Minecraft world:



Quicksand (1)

Quicksand (2)

Quicksand recipe

Quicksand mud:

Quicksand Dirt

Quicksand Dirt recipe

Quicksand Stone:

Quicksand Stone

Quicksand Stone recipe

Quicksand brick:

Quicksand brick

Quicksand brick recipe

For more realism, the blocks have an animation that creates the feeling that the sand is moving.

Below you can see a list of crafting recipes for different types of quicksand:

Don't forget to activate the holiday features!

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