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Ice Caves Add-on 1.16+

Ice Caves Add-on

Would you like to add new caves to your Minecraft world that the Mojang developers plan to add to your game in the future? If so, and you want to enjoy the updated game world now, then the new ice caves are exactly what you need. This add-on updates your world and adds new ice caves, which today do not have an exact confirmation of whether they will be added to the game or not.

With new caves, you can explore the Minecraft world and discover new places. Let's take a look at all the new features of this add-on.

Features of the add-on

The first thing worth paying attention to is the frozen plains. This is a new biome where players can find new ice caves. A biome is a terrain that consists of different blocks of snow and ice both on the ground and underground.

As stated earlier, the main feature of the frozen biome is the ice caves. It will not be difficult for players to find them since on the surface of the covering of the frozen biome you will see different holes that allow you to get inside the cave. All caves may differ from each other, some may be small, while others, on the contrary, large, some may even have passages deep underground or into the rock.

Please note that here you should not worry about lava, there is simply no lava here. Below you can see how the new biome and caves look like:

Frozen Plains (1)

Frozen Plains (2)

Inside the caves, players can see formations such as ice stalactite, ice stalagmite, and ice shards. Please note that such formations as ice stalagmite and ice shard are generated naturally in the game. But what about ice stalactites?

It's simple since they are not naturally generated, players can craft them using an item obtained from ice stalagmites. Players can also craft ice stalagmite using ice stalactite. Below you can see what the crafting recipes look like:

Ice Stalagmites & Ice Stalactites

Ice Stalagmites & Ice Stalactites recipe

Also, players can find a new unique ore called frozen iron ore. This ore is generated in caves eight blocks deep. Please note that players will take a little longer than usual when you mine iron ore. You can see what the ore looks like below:

Frozen Iron Ore

Frozen Iron Ore recipe

Break the ore and you get a new block that you can smelt in your furnace. This allows players to get iron ore in a new biome in order to use it in the future to get an iron ingot.

Note: Don't forget to turn on the experimental settings. See the example below:

the experimental settings

We also draw your attention to the fact that in order for all the new features of this add-on to work correctly (generation of caves and the plains in a natural way), it is necessary to activate the creation of a Custom biome.

This add-on supports versions of Minecraft PE and higher.

In order for players to easily find new biomes, it is necessary to go to the snow-covered plains as soon as they can be generated there.

For lazy players, we recommend using the special coordinates on seed 100: -2600, 64, -2400!

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