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BMW M5 2021 Add-on 1.16+

BMW M5 2021 Add-on

Do you like BMW cars? If so then have you seen the new 2021 BMW M5? If you like BMW then most likely you know which model we are talking about. This BMW model is very expensive, but it's not scary, because now you can get such a BMW in your Minecraft world! The new addon adds a new 2021 BMW M5 car. BMW in this body has a very aggressive and simply stunning look.

Below you can see how this car will look in the Minecraft world.

Tame a spawned car using a saddle, fill it with fuel in the form of coal and enjoy a pleasant fast drive around the Minecraft world. Players can change the color of their vehicle using any available dye. Also, if you put an empty box in the car, your car will get free slots for storing your items. If you try to run over another player on this car, it will be thrown far back.

BMW M5 2021

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