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81′ BMW M1 Add-on 1.16+

81′ BMW M1 Add-on

Are there any fans of the world-famous German company BMW among you? BMW is a big legendary company for the production of sports, business, comfort and premium cars, motorcycles, engines, and bicycles of high quality. If you like BMW cars as much as we do, and you are big fans of them, then the new legendary BMW M1 sports car is what you need. This car will be added to the Minecraft world so that all players can enjoy fast driving on this sports car.

The BMW M1 sports car was produced in conjunction with the no less generic Lamborghini company, you can see this by looking at the body of this car. There is something similar to certain Lamborghini models. Together with Lamborghini, BMW has created a new sports car, the BMW M1, which was designed by renowned Italian car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. By the way, this Italian designer created a body mockup for the well-known DeLorean DMC12 car. The BMW M1 was produced between 1978 and 1981.

Now, this legendary classic sports car is almost impossible to buy in the real world, but you have the opportunity to use it in the Minecraft world. In the real world, this car can cost from $ 200,000! Let's now take a look at the BMW M1 in the Minecraft world.

BMW M1 highlights

This car has two seats like all sports cars. Since this is a sports car, it develops great speed on the road. (In the real world, up to 260 km / h, taking into account the fact that this is a 1978-1981 car!). Sounds and animations have been added, the add-on has also added animation of doors, accelerator pedals. This is a novelty, since now when the player gets into the car the door will open and the pedals will move while driving. Free slots are available for storing your items.

How to get the BMW M1?

Everything is very simple as always, for this, players can use either the spawn egg from the creative inventory or the special / summon command.

The new car is presented in the game in three different colors, two of which are simply basic, and one additional special.

1. Red, legendary color, command: bmwm1:red. Below you can see a screenshot of what this car looks like:

Red BMW M1

2. White, command: bmwm1:white. Below you can see a screenshot of what this car looks like:

White BMW M1

3. Special, legendary color, command: bmwm1:procar. Below you can see a screenshot of what this car looks like:

Special BMW M1

Additional car screenshots:

BMW M1 Side view

BMW M1 Back view

BMW M1 Interior

BMW M1 Doors open

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