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The Crazy Caves – Caves & Cliffs Add-on 1.16+

The Crazy Caves – Caves & Cliffs Add-on

Would you like to diversify your Minecraft world in some interesting way? The new addon will help you with this. The Crazy Caves addon adds new types of caves and several new trees to your Minecraft world. This is a unique new survival experience that will add a piece of the upcoming Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update to your Minecraft world. Let's take a look at the features of this addon below.

As mentioned earlier, this addon adds several new caves and several types of new trees.

Types of caves:

1. Swamp Cave:

Swamp Cave

2. Desert Cave:

Desert Cave

3. Ice Cave:

Ice Caves

Types of new trees:

1. Birch tree:

Birch tree

2. Spruce tree:

Spruce Trees

Please note that this addon can be used on your existing worlds, as well as on servers and realms. Available for all platforms!

The Crazy Caves – Caves & Cliffs Add-on 1.16+

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