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Potions++ Add-on 1.16+

Potions++ Add-on 1.16+

How often do you use potions while surviving? If often, then the new addon will definitely please you, as this addon adds five new potions to your Minecraft world. New potions will be useful during a survival or for any mini-games. All potions are correctly balanced. These potions are a cool new experience for you and your friends as potions can improve and make your game more interesting. All new potions have certain unique features that we can see below.

Features of the new types of potions:

1. The first potion is called Health Boost: This is a new potion that not only increases the player's health but triples his health. The duration of the potion is 16 minutes;

2. The second potion is called Demigod: This potion quadruples the number of hearts and also grants the player strength, speed, and absorption. The duration of the potion is 4 minutes;

3. The next potion is called Haste: This potion gives the player Haste 3 ranks. The duration of the potion is 500 minutes;

4. A very useful potion called Troll: This potion is called for a reason, as it gives the player invisibility and speed. The duration of the potion is 60 seconds;

5. And the last potion is called Levitation: Allows players to levitate for two seconds, and also slows down the fall by ten seconds.

Potions++ (1)

Potions++ (2)

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