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Prismarine Foe Add-on 1.16+

Prismarine Foe Add-on

We present to your attention a new addon that adds new monsters to your Minecraft world. New monsters are Prismarine statues that inhabit the waters of the ocean and on the beach. New creatures are strong rivals represented in the form of living statues that protect the underwater world and sometimes come ashore on beaches. New underwater inhabitants will be a new challenge for those who like to swim and explore the underwater world.

As mentioned earlier, new creatures live at the bottom of the ocean and protect these territories from enemies, also sometimes go ashore on beaches in order to drive away uninvited guests.

New monsters protect the underwater world of the ocean and the ocean in general, from creatures such as zombies and drowned mobs. Prismarine statues have been fighting relentlessly against the aforementioned mobs for a long time and will continue to fight. If the player enters the water, these creatures will also attack him as well as any other living creature (except for animals).

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Features of Prismarine Statues:

The new creatures have 150 health points and can deal 15 damage to their enemies. Their strength is their great advantage. Your advantage is the slowness of these creatures. Therefore, be careful when you meet them, especially under water or in water, use your dexterity and experience against the power of the prismatic statues, if you cannot resist them, then most likely you will die.

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