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Baseball Add-on 1.16+

Baseball Add-on 1.16+

Do you like baseball? Would you like to add some baseball items to Minecraft? If yes, then the new addon is exactly what you need. This addon adds some baseball items to your Minecraft world. Players can use new items for role-playing games or simply as entertainment in any entertainment area. Using this addon, players will add three new items to their world, namely a wooden and iron bats and a baseball. Let's take a look at the new items below.

Baseball items:

Please note that the bat will be located in the sword section.

1. The first thing we will draw your attention to is a simple wooden bat. This item can deal 5 damage to its target. It's easy enough to craft a bat, you only need three planks. Below you can see how the bat looks in the game and the crafting recipe:

The wooden bat

craft The wooden bat

2. The second type of bat is iron. This item can deal 7 damage to its target. Crafting a bat is quite simple for this you only need three iron ingots. Below you can see how the bat looks in the game and the crafting recipe:

the Iron bat

craft the Iron bat

3. And the last item is a baseball. This item can be used by players to throw. Please note that players can only hold two baseballs in one slot. Crafting a baseball is quite simple, you need white dye and leather. Below you can see what a baseball looks like in the game and a crafting recipe:

The baseball

craft The baseball

After a player throws a baseball at some object, it does not disappear, but drops to the ground, after which you can pick it up and use it again.

Attention: Please note that in order for the addon to function correctly, you must use Minecraft PE version 1.16.100 and higher, and also configure the Holiday Creator function in your world settings!

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