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Spawner Craft Add-on 1.16+

Spawner Craft Add-on 1.16+

We present to you a new Spawner Craft addon that adds special crafting recipes for spawn eggs! This is something new and useful that can be very useful during survival in the Minecraft world. New crafting recipes will be added to your world, with which players can craft spawn eggs to spawn a specific mob. New crafting recipes are pretty simple. Let's take a closer look at the new addon.

A new addon that adds a new opportunity for players, namely to craft spawn eggs of certain creatures. Many players know how useful and interesting it would be to craft something that spawns something, in this case, it spawns eggs of some mobs.

You will see all the crafting recipes below. We also draw your attention to the fact that all spawn eggs will have a unique shape and color.

Many crafting recipes consist of materials such as gold ingot and of course an egg. This is the basis of the recipe. In some cases, you need to combine two eggs. For example, by eating one villager and zombie spawn egg, you will get two villager and zombie spawn eggs. All this is possible using a special spawner that will serve as the main tool for crafting spawn eggs.

Attention: Please note that this add-on only works with the latest beta versions of Minecraft, as some item IDs have been changed in the latest versions.

How does it work?

In simple words, the player needs to do the following:

1. Create a spawner;
2. Place the given tool;
3. Select the desired spawn egg and craft it using the aforementioned spawner;
4. Hold the spawn egg in one hand and interact with the spawner.

Please note that each creature needs certain resources to spawn, for example, pigs need grass, zombies need darkness, fish need water, and so on.

Below you can see the recipe for crafting a Spawner:

Mob Spawner Recipe

Spawn eggs:

1. Wolf:

Wolf Spawn Egg

2. Rabbit:

Rabbit Spawn Egg

3. Sheep:

Sheep Spawn Egg

4. Mule:

Mule Spawn Egg

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