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TL-10 Halloween Edition Add-on 1.16.40/1.16+

TL-10 Halloween Edition Add-on

Halloween is coming, the day we put on all kinds of scary costumes and decorate our houses. If you also love this day as we do, then you will definitely like the new addon that adds a new unique decoration to the Minecraft world, namely the new Halloween Car! You can use this car as decoration for your yard or any other place.

New Halloween Car can be crafted in Survival mode using special materials.

Let's take a look below how to craft a car and what it consists of.

Crafting recipes:

1. Car tire:

Car tire

2. Double car tires:

Double car tires

3. Car engine:

Car engine

4. Car body:

Car body

5. Car body with engine:

Car body with engine

6. Finished car:

Full car

What a car looks like in the world of Minecraft, you can see below:

Finished car

Finished car (1)

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